COVID-19 the Party is over go home!

A great horse will change your life, the truly special ones define it. Looking at these two and seeing how far they have come is a night and day difference. I am going to open up to you all with being the lady behind the camera, and how COVID has affected our lives and most likely yours.

This awesome girl is my baby girl, and the truth of the matter is she saved my life. I was 17 and was going down a bad path when I got pregnant with her. I was so lost, and to busy trying to figure out what I was going to do. Looking back now, I wasn't even thinking of the mile stones like her graduating. There is NO WAY that I would have changed anything. Having Butch in my life I have been able to laugh till I almost pee my pants, cry my heart out, be so proud I just want to tell everyone how great she is, or and times find myself thinking one of two things. When she says something and thinks "OMG, that is me" or "bless the man who tries to keep up with you, cause only the Lord your Mama know what he's getting into". 

I know the last couple of months have been really scary and hard on everyone. Let's be honest we have no idea what to think about this whole thing. Butch is a senior this year and before all this happened we were focused on Prom, the end of her High School Rodeo Career, collage, and Graduation. Which it seems like she won't be able to really close this chapter of her life before moving on. Those final moments aren't looking like they will be there. On top of all this, it is the last season that this girl and her little bay horse will be competing together. She Butch and her dad made a deal 4 years ago. She would be able to run barrels on this little bay horse but after she is done with her high school rodeo her senior year. Little Bay will be going back to her dad to start her steer wrestling career. It just breaks my heart to think that they won't be able to have a true shot because of an earth-changing pandemic. Now it seems everything is on hold.

I know that you all are wondering why I just told you all so much and here is it is. I am the lady behind the camera and the owner of this little boutique. I took this picture the other night and just in a few seconds taking this picture these are all the thoughts that raced through my head. We are all hoping that life will hurry and move on while getting back to some kind of normal. And I don't know about you all but I am in a hurry for that. I also realize that most of you are in the same boat. So PLEASE let's all do our part and just take caution, wash your hands, stay away from everyone besides who lives with you, and do what we need to do to make everyone safe.

Thank you for being apart of our trib!
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