Picking a photographer is always a hard thing to do, and in the boutique world it is vital. With having a vision and choosing someone who can execute that vision is always an even harder task I feel then finding one. Having to deal with time lines, scheduling, personalities, and weather are some of the things that you have to navigate. Once you can find someone that fits your needs you want it to be a lasting relationship that you can continue to cultivate. It makes things so much easier when someone knows what you are looking for, how you like things done, and you can get in a routine of how shoots run.

Please meet Sage. I remember back in 2018 when I had received a message in our Instagram from her wanting to do product pictures for us in return for trade items. I will be honest, we had been working with a childhood friend who was doing our photography and didn't want to upset them. I had taken a stepped back and realized the photography that was being done didn't really align with the style that I was going for. At that point, I had remembered Sage and the sweet message that I had gotten from her about a year before, and took another look at her page and O man I seen a big difference. We reached out to her and was so excited to be able to shoot with her for our First NFR Shoot. Sage has been so great with every time that I have came up with an idea or location and just went with it. We love that she can be creative on the fly with us.

My recommendations with working with a photographer:

1. Make sure that your styles match. Check out there editing style and if it goes with your branding, the style of images you like, DUDE full send.

2. Timelines. This is very important, check your marketing plan. If you need images back by a particular time make sure that it will be met. Nothing more of a money sucker than money sitting in your store and items not moving.

3. Vision If you have a clear vision have conversations to insure everyone is on the same page.

4. Shoot Scheduling. If you are wanting to do TikTok's or any other type of marketing at these shoots factor that into the schedule. Have the models there earlier than the photographer. This gives you time to time to accomplish everything you are wanting and respecting the photographers time. There is a very short window with daylight, don't take away from this. You might run the risk of images being grainy or not getting enough usable content.

5. Expectations. Make them clear to your photographer. If you want particular images or posses communicate this.

6. Communication: If things aren't working have that conversation. If you are needing something different voice it. If these can't be met keep looking until you can find what works for you and your company. It is your money that your investing, make it count.



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